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Fill in some initial information so we can set up your account – it won’t take long
In order to get started we need to receive a small initial deposit of USD $250 that will enable access to our design center. This deposit comes off the final total of your first order – we do not charge for artwork.
You probably have an idea of how you want your custom clothing to look – perhaps you have drawn inspiration from your favourite professional team or athlete, or perhaps you have strict brand guidelines that you need to follow. The good news is that pretty much anything is possible with Champion System. Take your ideas, drawings, logos, text, photos – whatever and upload in your design center. Your concepts will go straight to our Co-Creation team where we can start to turn your concept into reality.
Our Co-Creation team will upload some initial design proofs for you too check out – usually within 72 hours of your instructions. Log on and check them out – make an approval or make some edits until you get exactly what you are after. Remember we do not charge for this process!
Once your designs are approved you are ready to order your kit. You can choose from our regular order process or you may like to try our CS Direct team store. In either case now is the time to select your approved proofs and let us know the quantities and style you require – this is the fun part!
Once you have placed your order and a 50% production deposit is paid we can put your order into production in one of our two company owned facilities. We make hand make bespoke clothing so the process can take up to 6 weeks. If you have an urgent deadline – let us know we can work with you on this.
We send all our clothing to you via air. Once your order has been paid in full we can issue a boarding pass and your clothing is on its way! We will issue you a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your order – almost there!
Dependent on what style of order you selected, your custom clothing order will show up at your doorstep. Now get out there and enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to take a picture and post on social media – we love to see our customers out and about!
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